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how chester combs changed history.

I only know two things about Chester Combs. He is the father of Luke Combs and he influenced music history. Let me explain.

As you probably know, Luke Combs delivered a stunning remake of Tracy Chapman's 'Fast Car' in 2023, 34 years after the song's original debut. 

On Sunday, Tracy and Luke performed the song as a duet at the Grammy's and it was the most tender and wholesome performance. 

Now Tracy's version of 'Fast Car' is back at #1 on iTunes! It's also important to note that when Luke won a Country Music Award for 'Fast Car' Tracy became the first Black songwriter to  the Song of the Year award.

There is so much to discuss here, but I want to focus on Chester for a moment. 

I read a quote by Luke that stated:

"When I was 5 years old, my dad and I would be in his truck, and he would always play music for me. He had a Tracy Chapman cassette tape, and 'Fast Car' is one of the first songs I remember. And that song has meant a lot to me ever since then for my whole life. I always think about my dad when it comes on, and us spending time together.” 

I can't stop thinking about the scene in that truck. What was the quality of Chester's presence that made this experience so memorable for Luke?

Was Chester smiling and signing along?

Was he tapping the steering wheel? 

Was he talking about the music with Luke or letting the music speak for itself? 

Does any of that matter? 

I think it does. 

As parents we often think that the large and elaborate experiences we try to offer our children will be the most special and memorable to them. 

But it's not all that.

It's the sweet and simple moments.  

It's the moments when the quality of our presence is one of joy, ease, patience, generosity, spaciousness and curiosity. 

Five year old Luke Combs would grow up to remake 'Fast Car' (he isn't the first) and it ultimately influenced the history of Tracy's art. He also gave all of us the gift of celebrating her again too.

All this to say that the seemingly simple and small moments you spend with your children will likely be the most impactful. 

The quality of your presence with them in the here and now is the single most valuable gift you could give them.

And in turn, the generations that follow.




ps: I can help you cultivate a mindful quality of presence. You know, the kind of presence that embodies joy, ease, patience, generosity, spaciousness and curiosity.  I'm offering a 5-week 1:1 coaching program where we will create a customized and accessible mindfulness plan. 

I will synthesize it all for you and walk along side you each step of the way.

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