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It is our goal to provide and empower children, families and educators (or any human, really) with mindfulness education and tools. 

We bravely offer independent classes, partnerships with schools and organization, educator professional development and consultation. And if you need something different, we will figure out how to make it happen!

Mindfulness + Movement Classes

We offer a variety of in-person and virtual mindfulness programs for both children and grownups! Our age-appropriate neuroscience based curriculum is the foundation of our lessons - but play and fun are the delivery (even for the grownups).

  • Kiddo Programming: The theme and focus of these classes may vary, but the ingredients are usually the same; songs, props, yoga, dancing and a complimenting craft or activity.

  • Grownup Programming: We'll have fun like the kids, but together we will dig deeper into the science of mindfulness and work together to cultivate the attributes of mindfulness such as; patience, flexibility, non- judgment, curiosity, acceptance and trust. Most importantly, we will build a practice that works for each of us, right where we are in this moment that is accessible and full of loving self-awareness.



We would love to bring our lessons into your school or organization! Based on your vision, we'll collaborate and build a custom program that organically integrates into your existing culture (unless you want to change that too!). We will show up with our Mary Poppin's bag of mindful tricks and take it from there!


Educator Professional Development

We love educators who love to learn. Brave Lion can offer your education professionals a wide range of mindfulness trainings that both empower the educator personally, as well as the students and school culture.

Some of our most popular professional development offerings include:

  • Nature and Mindfulness Education in the Classroom

  • Creating a Mindful Classroom​

  • Personal Mindful Practice for Educators



Not exactly sure what you need? Even more fun! Let's figure it out together.

Let's Work Together

We know you're curious.

Oh, by the way, did you know curiosity is a mindful quality?


 Drop us a line, we will come up with something awesome together! 

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