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Kids Blowing Bubbles

We Wonder: Kid's Retreats

wonder. discover. explore.

and Language


Sister Teaching Team;
Juliana (left) and Leah (right)

What's more magical than the wonder of childhood? We can't think of anything!

That's why we are passionate about creating experiences for wee ones to celebrate the wonder, ignite curiosity and explore discoveries.

Through play based learning, we invite wee ones to ignite life-long curiosity.

We don't ever want kids to stop asking "what if..." which is why we nurture their unbridled sense of wonder.

Our activities and lessons are structured just enough to teach concepts but flexible for child-led curiosity.

It's our ultimate hope that our wee ones take our lessons into their every day lives and share them with the world!


None scheduled at this time

"Leah is a warm, gifted, and loving person. Her enthusiasm is absolutely contagious. She has a powerful and unique way of meeting kids and families just where they are and imparting knowledge and skills in a way that is accessible to each of us."

"Juliana is engaging, fun and fits a huge amount of vocabulary into each session with lots of visuals and activities that trick kids into learning languages almost by osmosis!

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