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Heart Hand Breath (the brave lion version 🫶)

One of the best parts of teaching children different mindfulness tools is seeing how their beautifully minds modify them to make them their own.

If you asked a child to demonstrate what a "heart breath" might look like, you'd probably not have two that were the same!

Having a child connect to their breath is a fundamental building block of creating loving-self awareness and their ability to self-regulate big emotions.

With Valentine's Day upon us, I thought I would share a version of a heart breath to try out with your little ones.

This breath is especially sweet since the intention is to bring attention to the love and abundance around them.

I've outlined some cues here - but check out this video for a demonstration.

Most of all, let them make it their own, I almost guarantee they will say "do you know what else we could do" or "wait, what if we....".

And really, that's a lesson for us grown ups too. There is possibility and creativity available for us everywhere!

Guiding cues for a Heart Breath ❤️

✨ Invite them to find a comfortable position for their body

✨ If they are able, have them make loose fits with their hands and bring them together at heart center (they can also layer their hands)

✨ As they take some breaths here, ask them to think of someone special in their life. It can be a friend, family, teacher, someone they miss or even someone who has passed away.

If they can’t think of a person, they can choose a pet or animal they love. They can choose a tree🌲 if they want!

✨ Next have them make a heart shape with their hands and as they INHALE, they will lift the heart up and as they EXHALE fully they can blow through the heart, sending love to that special person (or furry friend) in mind. 😘

If making heart hands is not possible, they can INHALE brining their finger tips to their mouth, and EXHALING they can blow a kiss off their fingertips.

This is a sweet way to send a mindful Valentine’s and also for children to reflect and express gratitude for those impactful people in their life.

That person might just be (and probably is) YOU.



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