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Leah Ferrone // Educator

Hi, I'm Leah, I'm a Brave Lion. It's partially a birthright since I'm a Leo, but really, the most magical, powerful and rewarding moments of my life have been a result of me calling on my courage. 

I've been personally practicing mindfulness and yoga for a couple decades, and when I became a mother, I knew I needed to share these tools with children. 

And well, truth be told, I'm just a kid at heart myself, which allows me to make these teaching fun, energetic and joyful!

Credentials and Training:

  • 200 Registered Yoga Teacher

  • Growing Up Mindful (with Dr. Christopher Willard)

    • Levels I and II

  • Flow and Grow Children's Yoga Teacher Training

  • Mindfulness Schools

  • MindUp

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

  • Bachelor of Arts from University of Massachusetts 

Services and Offerings:

  • 1:1 and Group Mindfulness Coaching

  • Independent classes

  • School and Organizational Partnerships:

    • In-class mindfulness and yoga instruction

    • Educator Professional Development

    • Mindfulness Program Consultation

  • Practitioner Workshop Collaboration

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Brave Lion

So, why the name “Brave Lion”? Well first off, who doesn’t love these exquisite big cats?

Lions are commonly associated with:

  • Majesty

  • Courage

  • Confidence

  • Grace

  • Leadership

And guess what? We all have that within us, but sometimes (often) it takes bravery to call upon those characteristics.

It’s our goal to cultivate that wisdom, majesty and beauty within each child by giving them tools to be a Brave Lion in this world. Through neuroscience based mindfulness, movement and play, we help children build resilience and empowerment to make great choices in life.

Did we mention that we make it A LOT of fun? Haven’t you seen how playful lion cubs are?

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