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1:1 Mindful Mapping

nurturing your quality of presence

5-week 1:1 Mindful Map Program

Rick Rubin was quoted as saying "when we zoom in, we obsess. when we zoom out, we observe".

There have been times in my life, in parenting especially where I find myself zoomed in more than not. In those times I often feel overwhelmed, exhausted, short on patience and my energy is low, slow and heavy. 

And in those times, it sometimes feels too scary to lift my head and zoom out...because maybe I'll drop a ball or "waste time" that would otherwise be "productive".

Imagine if you didn't have to feel that way. Really, right now, imagine your life without that feeling or fear of "dropping the ball" or not being productive enough.

I can tell you one thing for sure, you can always choose to zoom

out. It takes practice, but the view is better than anything

you could imagine. 

The zoomed out view is full of wonder and awe, joy and abundance,

generosity and possibility. And the laundry still gets done!

I'm offering a 5-week 1:1 Mindful Map program, which includes:

  • Three 1-hour virtual sessions

  • A customized mindfulness plan of tools that meets you right where you are​​

  • Text access for support and guidance over five weeks

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Book a 20 minute consult

I'm so glad you are curious about 1:1 Mindful Mapping. I'd love to answer any questions you have and share a little more about the program.


This call could be the best and most fun 20 minutes of our day :)

"Leah is a warm, gifted, and loving person. Her enthusiasm is absolutely contagious. She has a powerful and unique way of meeting kids and families just where they are and imparting knowledge and skills in a way that is accessible to each of us."

"I have been able to recognize my thoughts, and to slow my actions. Being “in the moment” is something I never thought I could achieve. After this course I now have the tools to do so. I also have gained the understanding and grace to see my thoughts and actions as part of a practice instead of a predetermined set of personality traits."

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