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Mindfulness; All Day, Every Day

Creating a mindfulness can fit into the rhythm of your life and change your life.

See that’s the thing about a mindfulness practice — you have an opportunity to practice ☀️ALL DAY 🌙 EVERY DAY 🗓 for your WHOLE LIFE ⏳. You can be a life-long scholar of YOU.

Say whaaaaat? If that sounds or feels overwhelming, hear me out.

I’ve been practicing mindfulness, yoga and meditation for a couple decades; and I’ll tell you that while it could look different each day — I consistently 👏🏼TRY👏🏼 to choose call on my practice. That’s the practice, that’s the work.

❤️ Mindfulness qualities and tools are my partner in this complex experience as a human; always right there…patiently, kindly and gently waiting to help guide me through the fray.

🧡 Mindfulness is 🚫 not “good vibes only”, she doesn’t get down with toxic positivity. She is the filter-free realness, the gritty, the sticky and also the juicy joyful truth.

💛 So yeah, some days (weeks) may feel like a street fight, some days I make choices or react to situations that don’t feel good. But with my practice, consistently using my mindful toolbox deepens my ✨inner connection and self awareness✨.

💚 Ya’ll that’s my goal — to offer mindfulness education and tools that are practical, accessible and inviting ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.

💙 That’s really what this is all about. A life-long practice, life-long learning — one that can be full of joy, discovery, love and more peace. It isn’t EASY, but it can be that SIMPLE.

💜 So big “grown up” kids — are you curious about what this could look like for you? I’m working on something exciting just for you. 😀

If you haven’t already, sign up for the Brave Lion email and stay tuned for some exciting announcements!

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