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your butterfly wings.

Did you know that when butterflies break out of their chrysalis, that specific effort of breaking the shell is so critical for them to strengthen their wings?

The thought of this is so beautiful to me. It reminds me of what we go through as mothers; especially during pregnancy.

In many ways, when we take that step and transform into a mother, we are cracked wide open in a completely new way, and each step that brought us here made us stronger and more prepared.

But it doesn’t always feel like that.

Most often we feel completely overwhelmed and extremely vulnerable.

Most often the noise around us makes it so hard to even remember that we have a sweet and true voice within, let alone listen to it.

And this is especially during pregnancy.

Here we are with this ultimate responsibility to take the best care of ourselves and our growing baby all while preparing for a new unknown role of motherhood. (And even if you already have a child, with each birth your motherhood is born anew too.)

So what’s one of the most important things you can do for yourself to exercise your butterfly wings?

Start by creating the most compassionate pregnancy for yourself and your baby.

Start to truly care for yourself by cultivating a mindfulness practice built upon the attributes of trust, acceptance, patience, curiosity, flexibility and neutrality.

With these tools, you can begin to lower the volume on all the external forces and nurture the internal knowing, that unwavering motherly intuition.

In turn...

You will begin to radiate more.

You will be able to manage stress better.

You will be able to reduce anxiety.

You will be able to regulate your emotions.

You will strengthen your relationship with yourself and loved ones.

You will find more peace and stillness.

You will smile more.

You will be able to quiet some fears and increase your joy.

You will be able to trust the unknowns.

You will be able to enjoy this pregnancy, even when it's uncomfortable.

You will think more clearly.

You will step into more confidence.

You will have strengthened your wings and you will take flight.

I'm starting a 4-week Mindfulness for Expecting Mamas on September 10th in partnership with Empowered Midwifery Care.

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