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Finding Peace in Your Pregnancy

The journey to motherhood is so unique for each individual.

And perhaps, for the first time your wellness is directly connected to the wellness of another.

It’s beautiful and awe inspiring, yet also an immense and overwhelming responsibility.

Having tools to nurture yourself along with your growing child is the most impactful and valuable gift along your journey.

In our Mindfulness for Expecting Mamas, we will:

✨ Create a personal mindfulness map that meets you right where you are — and supports just what you specifically need most

✨ Deepen your mind+body connection

✨ Strengthen a trust in your personal intuition

✨ Cultivate more peace, calm and joy throughout all the stages of your pregnancy — especially during the hard parts (😀)

✨ Cultivate a supportive mama village IN-PERSON RETREAT:

Sunday Sept. 10 from 1pm-4:00pm

at Empowered Midwifery Care

2 Normanskill Blvd, Suite 206

Delmar, NY 12054


Mondays (9/18, 9/25 and 10/2)

from 7pm-8pm

Via Zoom

It’s been said that the most valuable gift you can give the world is the quality of your presence. That’s it. The cool cribs and onsies are gravy.

Give yourself and your child the gift of your presence.

This program is being offered for $250.

(If you are an Empowered Midwifery Care (EMC) patient, your cost is $125 as EMC has generously subsidized this program for you.)

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