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let it be restorative, playful and light...

At the beginning of June, I felt as though I was hobbling into the summer, exhausted, overwhelmed and a "bit" cranky. I kept thinking that the simplicity, peace and calm would come "as soon as" it was summer.

In my journal I wrote;

I want this summer to be easy, playful and light.

I want it to be restorative and refueling.

I want this to be a season that is full of joy.

I kept revisiting these words daily - as if summer was going to be a magic antidote to the stressors I was surfing.

But instead of waiting until school was out and it was officially "summer", I met myself where I was at.

Each day I gave myself micro doses of things that nurtured me; a simple morning yoga flow, journaling, 5 minutes of exercise, waking up early to drink coffee in a quite house, driving in silence...

Maybe only one of those things happened each day, but I started to embody the essence of what I hoped the summer would be. I started to feel more joy, and playful and instead of stumbling over some imaginary finish line, I feel energized meeting the summer.

The only thing that changed about the stressors in my life, was me.

Instead of waiting for the "as soon as" version of yourself, what could you do to nurture whatever you are working with in this exact precious moment?

This summer, I can help you find playful ways to savor "right now", just as you are .

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