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the reoccuring joy of living

I turned 46 this past weekend! What a magnificent honor.

On my birthday, my cousin asked me what I wanted out of this next trip around the sun.

The answer was clear. I don't want to waste any time allowing fear or doubt to stall me from living in full service; sharing mindfulness tools that can radically change your life and wellness.

And as soon as I uttered those words, this quote was dropped in my lap; "Do so without doubt, without having to be the best or the greatest, or any other notion your mind conjures - just be willing. Willingness, not perfection is required from you."

How beautiful!

Friends, our mind creates so many untrue narratives and stories that we, in turn, build castles upon. Castles that never have a true and strong foundation to stand for long.

But with curious and mindful hearts, together we can notice that tricky trap, and choose to build on more fertile land.

Would you like to gently recognize your fear and doubt and dampen its power?

Take a few moments and get still with me with this guided practice.⬇

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