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Savor the Summer

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

She's finally here, in all her warmth and energizing beauty. It's officially summer (in the northern hemisphere) and she is inviting us in.

I have this memory of a super summery moment that is more than 20 years old.

We had spent the day in Lake George, on the water and in the sun. On the way home, we stopped to get a soft serve, with my wild air-dried wavy hair, skin tight and warm from the sun.

Driving home during the golden hour that evening, the music (let's say it was Amber by 311) floated out the windows and I was there, full present, experiencing all these details with so much joy and peace.

As each new summer approaches, my brain serves this up as the hero memory of the season…like a “here we go girl, remember that THIS is summer”.

For all accounts, it could sound like a generic summer day, but the quality of my presence on that specific day still feels so vivid. And when the details rise up in my mind, I'm filled with summer joy and a huge smile.

Do you get that thrilling feeling about summer? Longer days, relaxation, a deep exhale.

To me summer feels like the great softening, and I want to appreciate every moment.

This year, I've decided to savor each summer moment in a very intentional way. I am going to greet these few months with more playfulness, more ease, more adventure and even more presence.

Would you like to join me? Let's make this the most mindful and fun summer yet.

Here's how we will do it:

  • Each week will focus on a different attribute of mindfulness to explore through:

    • 1-hour virtual session

    • Mindful movement videos

    • Guided stillness practice recordings

    • Supportive check-ins and encouragement throughout the program

    • Choose your own adventure of summery mindful activities to cultivate joy, wonder and playfulness

This series is available to grown-ups at all levels of experience, and cost is $250.

Shall we summer together? 😎

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