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A Hot Pink Flamingo Journey

Thanks to my 2-year old, I've been paying much more attention to flamingos lately. We recently watched Crimson Wing - Mystery of the Flamingos and I have never related to a bird more.

Here’s what they said and why I feel like a flamingo:

"The adult female* raised a chick last year, and the effort of doing so has drained her of color. She puts all her surplus food and energy into producing an egg and then feeding her chick. So she will need time to build up the body reserves needed to regrow pink feathers..."

Raise your hand if you feel like a white flamingo mom? 🙋🏻‍♀️ I sure have.

Here’s the thing, that flamingo 🦩 mama naturally did what she needed to restore and grow those pink feathers back.

That’s not usually the case for us human moms.

We just push through, drained of color, making sure everyone else’s color is vibrant.

Mamas, we need our color too and I’m feeling extra pink these days thinking of how we can achieve that together.

In our Mindfulness for Mamas immersive, we will learn how to take time, and take care of ourselves amidst our many demanding roles. It starts with a kind and compassionate look at ourselves first.

It’s a beautiful hot pink journey.

* Male flamingos lose some of their color trying to feed their flamingo chicks. Dads, you are doing such hard work too. I have not forgotten about you.

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