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Updated: May 17, 2023

Have you ever heard of mindfulness as "heartfulness"?

My mom, who is a pioneer mindfulness practitioner recently taught me that in other cultures, a mindfulness practice focuses as much on the heart as it does the mind.

In Chinese calligraphy the word mindfulness is expressed by two characters: The top character (a shelter) represents the word now; below that is the character for heart.

The literal translation means bringing the heart into the present.

Combined, the full image symbolizes the unity of mind and heart under the full protection of this present moment.

Mindfulness is heartfulness.

Isn't that a sweet way to think about it?

And of course it makes sense. We can create significant challenges for ourselves going through life ruled only by our mind. It's also really tricky to navigate life led just by your heart.

In a mindfulness practice, we train our mind, and we do so with a loving heart.

We connect them, making them the center of you.

The poem Center of You by M.H. Clark embodies this concept, which is why I created this stillness practice around it. ✨😌✨

I hope you take a moment, to anchor in the moment. Get still, connect your mind and heart and feel sweet.

From my heart to yours,


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