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Mindfulness for Mamas

empowering you and transforming your wellness for this lifetime and generations to come 

for Moms

Our Spring Mindful Mamas begins on June 27!

Together, we are going to nurture the quality of your presence through a mindfulness immersion and supportive community of moms.


This is more than just being in the moment, it’s being in the moment with a quality of presence that feels peaceful, safe, calm, youthful and joyful.

Are you into that kind of thing?


You might be thinking, is this 12-weeks of just learning to slow down and breathe? 


Well, yes, it’s that, but so much more. Each week we are going to dive into the attributes of mindfulness such as; trust, flexibility, patience, acceptance, beginner’s mind, letting-go and non-striving.


These attributes flow through our lives and relationships in such deep ways - - and with loving awareness, our ability to be in the moment takes on a different, more radiating quality. 


And most importantly, we will do it together, a band of moms, thriving in the uniqueness of this role.

Together we will:

  • Create a foundation of (formal and informal) mindfulness principles and practices

  • Explore the neuroscience backed benefits of mindfulness 

  • Cultivate attributes of mindfulness; flexibility, non-judgment, acceptance, beginner's mind, trust, letting go

  • Gain deeper self-awareness and knowledge by establishing a practice that is accessible to you

  • Create more space (the magical pause) between stress and stimulus response

  • Establish a mindful parenting approach; using co-regulation practices and tools to be more present and connected to your child

  • Build a community of support

Our time together will include:

  • Weekly 1-hour virtual meetings consisting of 7 members; 6 participants and myself

  • Weekly practices, guided video/audio meditation and group chat between meetings

  • One, 1:1 private session with me to help you cultivate a practice that works just for you

  • 1:1 text messaging support for questions and reflections throughout the 12-weeks

  • Supportive documents, audio recordings and additional resources


This 12-week program has the ability to change your life, and the lives of generations to come. I know that’s a bold statement - - but I only say that because it’s happening for me.

This program costs $1,200. Payment plan options are available.



(photo credit: Lauren Keeps Time)

"I have been able to recognize my thoughts, and to slow my actions. Being “in the moment” is something I never thought I could achieve. After this course I now have the tools to do so. I also have gained the understanding and grace to see my thoughts and actions as part of a practice instead of a predetermined set of personality traits."

"Carving out time each week to focus on my own wellness has been the best gift I could give myself and my family. The tools I am learning have been exactly what I’ve been looking for in my search for balance. I am so grateful for the community that has formed between the students in class. Our shared experiences, perspective and support are a bonus I was not expecting!"

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